Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Issuanc of Hajj Visa is dependent on the Minsitry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan and Saudi Cosulate. Baab-e-Jibraeel will not be responsible for the delay/non-issuance of Hajj Visa.
  • 2. We charge full package price for children. However any discount given by the air lines or the Ministry in lieu of the Compulsary Hajj Dues will be passed on.
  • 3. Company is Authorized to take any airlines flight which will suite their schedule.
  • 4. Package days itinerary is subject to change due to MOON sighting and flight availabilty.
  • 5. Hujjaj might be shifted package wise 4-8days before hajj to an area AZIZIA/ KHALIDIA/ distance approx 8500m from haram.
  • 6. Transport to haram (from khalidia/ AZIZIA) willbe provided till 4th of Ziulhajj.
  • 7. Room sharing on Gender Based( in shifting area) will be 5-7 pax,separate Room can not be obtained.
  • 8. Transport in Hajj is responsibilty of moalim delays can happen.
  • 9. Transport for Tawaf -e- Ziarat is not inclueded.

Payments Terms

100% payment is required at the time of booking. Payment must be made through a cross cheque or pay order in the name of the Company.


All the Pilgrims are required to read, understand and sign the Terms & Conditions ( Agreement) as per the requirement of the Ministry of Religious Affairs prior to payment.


Booking cannot be cancelled under any circumstances and refunds of claims will not be entertained. Airline tickets will only be refunded as per policy of the Airline.

Umrah Package Dec 2020