Why Us

To offer our customers the best, most unforgettable travel experience of their lives.

Hajj and tour

Mission & Vision

To offer our customers the best, most unforgettable travel experience of their lives. We aim at delivering overall satisfaction to our clients and by fulflling their requirements and needs with our dedicated staff. Our vision is to retain the market leadership as the lowest cost tour quality of services- to make Baab-e- Jibraeel a pictogram of triumph.

Our History

The idea of Baab-e-Jibraeel was conceived back in year 2000 as a Holy Lands Tours Expert. Formally registered as private limited company in 2006 with the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, it got license from Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan as well as Saudi Hajj Ministry to work as Hajj and Umrah organizing frm.
As our experience grew, so did our love for nature and the quest to explore the world. It was our dream to make Baab-e-Jibraeel one of leading travel and tourist companies of South Asia by providing our customers with the most effcient, affordable and infallible service.

IATA accreditation was secured to fulfll the dream. Our main priority is our client. We strive to deliver the facilities, services and hospitality to ensure complete comfort for our customers. Our skilled workforce is extremely profcient in serving the costumers with best of their abilities.

We aim to give our clients a hassle-free booking and purchasing period with consistently effcient costumer care all the way. We want to ensure an unforgettable travel experience.
Baab-e-Jibraeel is a unique travel organization dedicated towards costumer satisfaction for all of their travel needs to both the holiday maker and business traveler alike.

Our Experience

VBy the grace of Allah, we are a licensed company registered with the Pakistani as well as Saudi Hajj Ministries. We have been successfully organising Hajj and Umrah tours for more than a decade now.


Thousands of our satisfed clients who enjoyed their stay with our services.
Tour Operations headed by professionals.
A dedicated staff and dynamic management.

Integrity in the local & regional hotel trade.
Travel Network, linking Pakistan, Dubai, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, China, Nepal, Thai land, Indonesia, Maldives, Jeddah, Makkah, Madina & several other destinations.

Our Ambition

  • To take extra step with our clients & provide them a complete travel solution.
    • To exchange with you our services and experiences and to provide you the best value for money.
    • That you take the pleasant memories of your chosen destination, its culture and our friendly personal services by us stretching the extra bit more than, just being a destination management company.
    • Our clients not to be just another tourist, but to be our linkage and our agent to the next potential customers.
    • You to decide and us to make available the complete information: Not we to decide what you should do for your holiday. Giving the best information at all times & not to try & sell what we want but what the client wants.
    • To walk with the new technology to provide the best holiday solution as fast as possible, but not to lose the Human touch, by continuously providing personalized services.
    • To comply with our customers’ ever varying desires & to be contactable around the clock.

Our Team:

Baab-e-Jibraeel considers its team to be its most valuable asset. Our caravans are always accompanied by our Directors and rest who are experienced and Committed individuals.
Unlike many of our competitors, we work with a highly experienced and reputable company with local expertise, who take care of the logistics and hotels e.t.c. during Hajj and Umrah operations. They look after all the arrangements and assist the group in shifting from the airport to the hotels and building accommodations. Our team also includes an experienced senior doctor who is available for medical advice.

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